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15/5/2007 Learning on the Job - Adam Trevarthen (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
5/12/2006 Effective e-commerce - Assoc Professor Robert MacGregor (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
28/11/2006 Trying to Demystify the IT Field - Darko Radiceski (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
14/11/2006 IT graduate makes switch for fresh view - David Greiner (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
14/11/2006 Finding their own way - Assoc Prof Phillip Mckerrow (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
31/10/2006 Hi-tech vs Privacy - Katina Michael (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
19/10/2006 Invitation to SITACS Annual Trade Show and Research Showcase
19/9/2006 The World Gets High Tech Help - Holly Tootell (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
15/8/2006 Jessica Starts IT career – BCompSc (Hons) Graduate Jessica Hull (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
16/5/2006 Streamlining Work – Dr Jun Yan (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
12/5/2006 Foolproof Security for Health Records- Assoc Prof Willy Susilo and Dr Khin Than Win (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
11/4/2006 Customer Relationship Management- Dr Tim Coltman (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
18/10/2005 If you’ve got IT, flaunt IT- Prof Philip Ogunbona (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)
1/10/2003 Community Web Portal- Assoc Prof Peter Hyland (Courtesy Illawarra Mercury)

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